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The grappler, yeah- people love the grappler.
You read it in the script and you’re like ‘oh that’s so cool, I get a grappler, I’ll just whip it out
I was dressed as Lara Croft in the smallest outfit that anyone has ever worn in Warehouse 13, and at one point it’s like she pulls the grappler out- I’m like, WHERE does she pull the grappler out from? So, basically the grappler is twice as big as me, and we kinda just pull it out from my armpit. It’s like, aha, that’s where the grappler came from!
Jaime Murray (via abdayw)



 #THAT IS THE FACE OF A WOMAN WHO THINKS SHE JUST LOST SOMEONE SHE LOVES #AND IF YOU TELL ME DIFFERENTLY I SHALL KICK YOU IN THE SHINS #no i don’t think its ‘true love’ #not YET #but jfc that is not the face of someone who doesn’t careDEEPLY #about Emma

and for a split second she thought she was wrong that her belief in emma swan and her potential was wrong that she had let someone who genuinely cares about her die because she was too arrogant to believe that she could be wrong about this amazing person and for just that second the thought that she was responsible for emma’s death shattered her because regina is not a good person she has done terrible things but those were always her choices losing someone like this by accident at her hands is a guilt she has not borne yet and it would be devastating to her because she is trying to be better for Henry and herself and for a moment it did but then it turned out that she was right and emma came through for her again because emma is special and wonderful and why this show doesn’t choose to work on the regina-emma-snow dynamic more is beyond me