Is this about secret agents or a mom setting her daughter up with a date??

You say this like the out of context conversation and the actual scene are mutually exclusive.




Let’s be honest for a second, one of the few reasons fans don’t want Pyka to happen is because they still have a strong desire that Bering and Wells is going to happen or at least they could imagine it when the show ends. Without Pyka being end game it’ll be easier.

Pete was always interested in Myka and not just physically but emotionally too. You can see it. As for Myka, I have a strong belief that she never wanted to be involved with another work partner because of her history with Sam. She’s probably afraid.

Reasons Why I Don’t Want Pete and Myka in a Romantic Relationship:

 1) The show didn’t set it up as a romance. Right away, Pete’s immaturity is treated as an honest to god annoyance of Myka’s. The show actually lets her be annoyed too, understands and supports why she’s annoyed and never tries to tell her she’s wrong. Most shows don’t do this. A lot of shows, especially ones looking to set-up a will-they/won’t-they relationship, will try to frame the immaturity as some cute personality quirk that Myka just doesn’t understand yet. But Warehouse 13 simply uses it as one of the conflicts Pete and Myka must overcome in order to work together. The show forces them both to come to a middle ground in order to get along, and then it does that over and over and over again. The only thing that changes over time is it gets easier for Myka and Pete to find that middle ground because they know each other better. Myka doesn’t magically start finding his immaturity cute one day like in so many romantic set-ups.

 2) Elements(?): “Maybe you can ask out skirt girl.” (was this quote Elements?) Pete honestly considers it before he’s thrown out of a moving truck and into a hospital. Myka honestly doesn’t care who he asks out as long as it doesn’t interfere with the job. (See Resonance for another early S1 example of this.)

 3) Duped: “The real Myka would never kiss me. Not if her life depended on it.” Definitely not a common statement for pairings that are set up to be a canon couple, let alone an end game couple.

 4) Age Before Beauty: Before Pete could give his pep talk to Myka, he had to turn completely around so he couldn’t see her. While this may indicate some level of nervousness or feelings he was trying to keep hidden, his facial expressions and tone give no other indication of nerves. He’s able to calmly deliver the pep talk once he’s turned around. When someone is struggling to hide romantic feelings for someone, they’re always struggling regardless of whether or not they’re facing that person. Often, they struggle even when that person isn’t in the room. For this scene to happen with the dialogue and performance it was given, Pete would’ve needed to have no romantic feelings for Myka whatsoever. In fact, it was probably his entirely platonic feelings that forced him to turn around for the speech. Because telling someone they’re beautiful while standing face-to-face has been too intrinsically tied with romance for Pete to feel comfortable saying that to Myka. He didn’t want a romantic gesture or confession (not even secretly because again, no stammering or other sign of nervousness or duplicity). He simply wanted to be supportive and ease Myka’s concerns.

 5) No awkwardness between Myka and Kate Logan. 99% of the time, media portrays two women with romantic connections to the same man as being enemies/frenemies/otherwise antagonistic or awkward towards each other. But in S2, Myka could not be less bothered by Pete flirting with an old fling.

 6) On that same vein, no awkwardness between Myka and Kelly: “Be careful don’t damage the one thing Kelly’s looking forward to.” Who the hell says that to anyone other than your best friend? And I mean honest best friend, not best friend who you might be crushing on but are scared to admit it because you don’t want to date another work partner. You don’t casually talk about each other’s junk when you’re suppressing romantic feelings for each other.

 7) Reset: “You’re the big brother I never had. I know I frown at you and punch you a lot, but I’ll always love you.” I don’t remember seeing casual statements of love or the phrase “big brother” in the will-they/won’t-they handbook. In fact, calling someone you have suppressed romantic feelings for “your brother” in an earnest letter is creepy, and Myka’s not creepy.

8) Love Sick: Myka’s plan to remember they bronzed Steve after the artifact effects wore off was to strip down and get into bed with Pete. Because she knew she would never, ever, ever sleep with Pete and - more than that - she knew she would never, ever, ever accept the possibility that she MIGHT have slept with Pete. She knew she would obsessively hunt down answers until she backtracked enough to discover Steve in the bronzer.

(And on top of that, this knowledge was so deeply ingrained in her that she could think up this plan while drunk as hell. Like so far gone she thought bronzing Steve was funny and not horrific and yet, she still knew she’d never sleep with Pete.) Steve honestly could’ve been lost in the bronze sector forever if Myka had been even just a smidgen accepting of the idea of sleeping with Pete. This isn’t an assumption or interpretation, it was literally the plot point that entire storyline hung on.

9) No tension between Myka and Amanda: Pete was awkward because his past collided with his present, but Myka being jealous or annoyed? Didn’t happen. Amanda picking up vibes between them that needed to be commented on? Nope. No traditional ploys to build up a nonexistent threat to someone’s crush/love/significant other. Zero awkwardness.

10) Speaking of, Amanda’s S4 return: “How’s Amanda?” “Well, she’s super hot.” “Yes, Pete, I’ve met her.” - confusion on Myka’s face over why he’s commenting on Amanda’s looks when she might be the target of an artifact, but no anger or jealousy or any other negative emotion that’s used to demonstrate hidden romantic feelings. Absolutely none.

11) No awkwardness with Debbie. Just “You slept with her didn’t you?” and “Why are you such a slut?” and turning around looking pissed and annoyed when Pete drops the sheet. That was definitely not a “whoops! Shouldn’t have seen that (yet). We’re not dating (yet). Now I’m embarrassed and a little turned on and am going to be thinking too much about all that later.” reaction. Not at all. Myka was just like “I’m seriously going to punch you in two fucking seconds. Can we get to work now?”

12) Speaking of Pete dropping the sheet: yes he has an ego and talks a confident game when it comes to asking people out and can be all “no charge, ladies”, but purposely dropping the sheet and going naked around somebody he has feelings for when he hasn’t admitted those feelings? o_O Come on, he’s not Jack Harkness.

13) Hockey episode: “You just admitted that you loved me.” “No, no I didn’t. Do I have boogers?” More casual admittance of love and casual teasing of that admittance. That wasn’t even the first time that they said they loved each other or cared about each other. Again, doesn’t scream romantic intentions according to traditional media standards and tropes.

14) Same episode: Pete desperately wants kids. Tracy being pregnant sticks with him until he’s actively wishing for kids and is terrified he won’t have them. He’s in tears watching the new dad hold his itty bitty baby. He wants a family. Myka? So not in her game plan. She says so herself. She’s thrilled to be an aunt! \0/ Super does not want to be a mother. :S

15) Every other instance of them being the bestest best friends ever (because I can only remember so much off the top of my head).

Overall, they just talk about their feelings far too honestly than is typical for a couple harboring unspoken romantic feelings towards each other. While that’s fine (and even necessary and crucial for healthy relationships), it’s not at all how media traditionally treats long-term sexual tension. It’s usually all denials and keeping loving feelings (platonic or otherwise) unnamed and shut up under lock and key until the show is ready for romance. Media has trained me to read Pete and Myka’s open, best friend relationship as just that: best friends.

They may be a man and a woman, but they follow media’s traditional same gendered best friend patterns. On top of what I’m trained to see, the show makes direct comments that casts them as best friends/siblings and denies them as romantic interests. Seriously, nowhere in all of this can I read romantic feelings between them. Nowhere. And while, I can understand the fan belief that Pete harbors romantic feelings for Myka, I think that’s a really unfair interpretation of his character and ignores how open, loving, and accepting he is.

Because, you see, Pete genuinely loves people. That’s who he is. It’s why his reaction to Steve coming out was “Finally! Someone to appreciate me and my body. Let me take my shirt off for you!” instead of any of the dozen other traditional, straight male responses. It’s why he was able to bond so quickly to this warehouse team. It’s why he’s always so supportive of anyone who needs it. It’s why he was so lonely as a child when his dad died and his mom worked all the time and his sister left for college. He had no one around to love.

It’s why that loneliness grew into a drinking problem when he was older (assumption made from Pete being seen actively needing an AA meeting in only Magnetism, the episode when he and Myka weren’t getting along, Artie was still the closed off authority figure, Claudia hadn’t arrived yet, and Leena had seemingly been claimed as Myka’s confidante. He’s never again shown struggling with his addiction - though that past is brought up - presumably because he has the warehouse crew for love and support).

Pete wants to love and care about people. He craves it. He does NOT under any circumstances need that love to be romantic. He does not need to be in love with a woman before he cares about her. He doesn’t need the romance excuse to care about Myka. He cares about her because she’s Myka: his best friend and partner. Saying he’s always had romantic feelings for Myka really undermines this important (and sorely underrepresented) characteristic. Going to the other possible explanation for the current writing: saying he’s now developed romantic feelings for Myka because they’ve been best friends for so long and he really wants a family but they live in the middle of nowhere with a really tough warehouse job and so who else is he going to have a family with? - that makes him so incredibly, grossly desperate which in turn makes me incredibly sad for him (and still super angry with the writing). In both cases, it’s really hard for me to accept a Pete/Myka romance is a good idea. Either it’s character assassination or it’s a story about personal desperation, and I don’t want to see either play out. It’s bad story-telling and I love these characters too much for that.

(Currently leaving out Myka commentary and explanation for why she’s not simply scared of dating a work partner after Sam’s death, because I feel like there’s been a lot said on Myka’s feelings in the past and because I think the show makes her true feelings much more clear than it makes Pete’s. But if it’s NOT incredibly obvious, let me know and I will clear that issue up real quick because she is not nor has she ever been interested in a romantic relationship with Pete. Never. She’s been terrified of him dying. Terrified of losing another partner because she was shaken over Sam’s death. But she never took her experience with Sam and made the grand decision to never a date a coworker again. Her self-confidence issues and fears had nothing to do with who she’d been dating and everything to do with losing someone she considered herself responsible for. Agents are trained to watch their partner’s back and to protect them always. It’s the only way they can do the dangerous jobs they do without hesitating or getting gun-shy. Myka felt like she didn’t protect Sam and therefore felt horribly responsible for his death. If Sam had died off-duty, like in a car accident, she would’ve been crushed. She would not have been rocked by self-doubt and driven to latch on to the rule book so tightly like we saw her do in S1. Sam died on duty, on an assignment she was working, an assignment Sam himself had chosen to trust her with.

She felt responsible for his death and was therefore terrified each time Pete was in danger in Season 1 for the sheer, simple reason that she could not psychologically handle losing another partner on the job. She just couldn’t. It would’ve been the end of her and her career (which IS Myka so, yeah, end of her). After that, after she’s accepted she’s not responsible and has forgiven herself for Sam’s death, then she’s just terrified of losing Pete because she loves her idiot goofball of a best friend and partner. Being coworkers played no role in her relationship with Sam, other than forcing them to keep the relationship quiet. Sam being Myka’s partner is only relevant when she’s feeling responsible for his death. Otherwise, he’s a deceased lover who holds no bearing on who she may or may not fall in love with in the future.)

(Okay maybe I will say something on that front after all.)

And those are all my reasons for not shipping Pete and Myka and for being really unhappy with the possibility of a romance between them. A Pete/Myka romance is not what the show presented to the audience during the first few years of the show, and it is not what made me become attached. Doing a Pete/Myka romance directly contradicts promises the show made to the audience. It goes against who these characters are and undermines every reason I fell in love with the show, fell in love with Myka, and fell in love with the Pete/Myka relationship.

That is why I’m unhappy with the current stories.





The writers should have listened to Joanne.

the sad part is they’d filmed this episode before she said this.  and yes, yes, I wish to God they had listened.

you know what?  I’m reblogging this

I’m reblogging this because I want to use it for every hateful sexist little Pyka shipper out there that believes the entire reason that a Bering and Wells shipper could hate that episode is just because we ship Bering and Wells.

No.  I hate that episode because the woman who portrayed Myka has the same interpretation of Myka’s character as I do, and even after filming 2/3 of the last season and while knowing how it would end, still had this to say about what she would have chosen for her character.

It’s not ABOUT who she ends up.  It’s not ABOUT whether or not she ends up with ANYONE.  It’s about the insistence that this independent and strong woman both NEEDS and WANTS KIDS.

If it’s done in a way that is true to the characters, I honestly don’t care who she ends up with.  The point is, they’re not doing this in a way that actually makes sense.

Or here, let me rephrase that:  Myka’s snark, Myka’s constant insistence throughout the episode that no, that’s not happening and no she doesn’t necessarily want kids IS true to character.  What pisses me OFF is that Pete is so fucking baby-crazy he won’t let it go.

I love Pete Lattimer, but right now, I really, really dislike Pete Lattimer.

And that is NOT how I wanted to feel about him in the last season.